Lee Smolin and the status of modern physics

Scientia Salon

3262010115214PMby Joe Boswell

[This is the first interview we are publishing here at Scientia Salon, hopefully the beginning of a new interesting trend at the magazine.]

I write a science and philosophy blog called Adams’ Opticks [1], and about a year and a half ago I published an in-depth critique of Lee Smolin’s Time Reborn, a radical reappraisal of the role of “the present moment” in physics [2,3]. My article was certainly critical of the book, but also something of a labor of love, and I’m completely thrilled to say that Lee has now read the piece and would like to respond. What follows is a Q&A, with most of the questions derived from the earlier post [4].

Adam’s Opticks: Hi Lee, central to your thesis as outlined in Time Reborn, and in its recent follow-up The Singular Universe (co-authored with Roberto Mangabeira Unger) [5], is a rejection…

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