Poem: We Wander, We Wonder, We Weep


We wander this Earth, our only shot at understanding something much bigger.

We wonder about the stars, the Universe, the meaning of life.

Then we weep as we harm, chastise, and even kill each other over our own fabricated misunderstanding of it all.

We wander our own land, yearning to discover how we are in fact connected to it.

We wonder about the enormous set of life processes we call Nature, desperate to be able to re-create the magic it provides us.

Then we weep, as our own fabricated world known as “industry” tears at the delicate fabric of Nature and slowly destroys it.

We wander in search of intimate connection with other humans.

We wonder how we could deepen those connections, so we can intensify the meaning of them.

Then we weep as insecure examples of our human race impose their insecurity in various forms of domination over different races, genders, and creeds … sometimes based on reading religious books thousands of years old that mentally justify their actions, and sometimes simply because they cannot understand that “they” are not the center of our Universe, we all are.

Finally, I wander this planet in search of the human examples that will prove we will one day evolve closer to the biological “intentions” of the Universe itself.

I wonder if these examples of our race even exist?  I also wonder if that evolution will ever happen?  I wonder if we have the ability to see past our differences, accept those differences, and live peacefully with those differences.

And then I fall to my knees, weeping because while there are trivial examples of such things happening, there are far more that prove we are in fact only human.