The Real Problem with Dr. Soon. He’s Just Not Very Bright.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Willie Soon, trained as an Aerospace Engineer, has been acclaimed among climate deniers as a new Galileo of climatology. And an expert on Polar Bear Biology.  As yet he has not announced a cure for AIDs of the common cold, like his research colleague, “Lord” Monckton.
(In Denier-ville it’s good to do double duty, as their numbers are shrinking rapidly..)

You can see Gavin Schmidt’s take on the science elsewhere on this page, but then there’s a more human response.

Willie Soon is ideologically correct, I’m sure that gets him a lot of gigs.  But he’s just not very bright. And he assumes, with good evidence, that his audience is likewise.
Below, Adam Frank relates the same kind of reaction I’ve had when meeting with supposedly fierce climate deniers.
Is this the best they’ve got?

Astrophysicist Adam Frank for NPR:

…let’s review a little background about Soon. First, he…

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