Disturbing Trends In Media

The following is based on anecdotal observation, opinion, and analysis, but are very possible outcomes…

Facebook started out offering to “connect the world” and still stands by its mission objectives today.

It’s all an illusion.

Once they went public, their mission changed from connecting people to connecting Facebook with revenue, plain and simple.

They started selling “the opportunity to connect with fan bases” to their celebrity users.  They do not care about your privacy in the least, and never will.  Now, they want to own partial distribution of the news stories we see on media sites.

They even push the boundaries of human experimentation.

They want to control it all, you could think of it as Facebook wants to become the Matrix (based on the popular movie).

Google does it too.  Twitter?  I’m not sure, but eventually they may follow suit as well.

Comcast (along with Xfinity) already wants to turn the Internet into another T.V. screen, taking it away from the valuable communication structure that it already is.

They all want to sell your eyeballs (and collect your money while doing it) to advertisers.

All in the name of content, information, marketing etc…

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon etc… portray themselves as the “way out.” After all, you can “cut the cord” right?

But what is to stop these companies from collecting your money for awhile, claim their market share, then sell your eyeballs back to advertisers WHILE collecting your money?


We live in a capitalist society.  If you think for one minute that these companies will resist the temptation to sell multi-millions of dollars worth of advertising because you “cut the cord” to use their services … you’re sadly mistaken.

And that’s the disturbing trend I see in media…

TREND:  We are unwitting serfs in the media empire, paying these companies for the opportunity to keep our eyeballs glued to a glass screen. This, while justifying it to ourselves by claiming we are entertaining ourselves.

Instead, what we’re actually doing is living our lives according to their “Terms of Service” (a book I suggest that you read).  These companies don’t give a shit about their intrusion into our lives.

And no, the altruistic idea of “connecting us” is not on the top of their minds, not in the least.

Let’s get back to using the Internet as a tool for interpersonal connection and communication, not as a commercialized profit tool, but the open tool it started out becoming.

Let’s NOT let the media companies I’ve listed here “whore” our Internet out in the name of providing an artificial life as the next Television set, in exchange for their increased market share.

Don’t you have enough screens in your life anyhow?