Writing When It Hurts

If you’re a writer, write when it hurts.

I’m having one of those days today, my allergies hurt, it hurts to observe the state of things in our country, and I just want to write anyhow.

It’s hard.

It even sucks at times.

But I write.

That means that not all of my writing will be for you, but I have to write … so I’m writing.

It hurts to write about the homeless person I just spoke with, lost themselves years ago, and have never recovered.  I know that not everyone will pick themselves back up, but when I hear these stories … it hurts.

It hurt to write when I’m not doing well, like in 2011 when I had a bad norovirus followed by serious complications that took months to recover from.

But I wrote.

If you write, remember we all are human, we all hurt.  We all have bad days, we all have weaknesses, we all have financial problems.  You are not alone.

But write anyway.

Write when it hurts, because when it’s better … you’ll write like it is.