Book by murdered editor of Charlie Hebdo just out, defiant in right to criticize Islam

Why Evolution Is True

Stéphane Charbonnier (“Charb”), the editor of Charlie Hebdo who was murdered by Muslim thugs, has a new book out, sadly still only in French, that was completed just two days before his death, and published April 9.  The New York Times has a brief description of the book, which gives the lie to two myths about the magazine:

1. It made fun of Islam but not of other faiths, and
2. It was “Islamophobic,” that is, it made fun of Muslims in general and thereby was a “hate magazine.”  In reality, the magazine was pro-immigrant and against those segments of French society that denigrated immigrants, including Muslims.

But there’s also another important part of the book:

3. It warns of the dangers of Western liberals capitulating to fears of Muslim rage

Here’s what the Times says about Chabonnier’s book, which I hope will soon be translated into other languages (Arabic…

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