What Is Our Purpose?

I’ve been doing some thinking on this philosophical question of “What is our purpose?”

My view…

Our purpose is simple, and that’s why it’s complex (for us).

Our purpose is to exist in a symbiotic relationship with everything in the Universe, living and non-living.  Nothing more.

And that’s why it’s complex, because we think our purpose is more than that.

But how could our purpose be more than simply existing with everything?  We think it’s more important than that, so we try to “prove” that to the Universe.

But everything we do that violates the simplicity of existing in a symbiotic relationship with everything, living and non-living, fails in the big picture.

Sometimes, I wonder why we were given consciousness, except that the Universe wanted (in a loose sense of the word) “something” to be aware of all things.  That awareness does not extend our purpose, but is a gift from the Universe so we can realize our purpose.

In short, we are that “something.”

And no, I do not consider the Universe as an independent being of some sort (like a “god” of sorts, to worship).  But it is the “thing” that contains everything, within which everything exists.

We are supposed to exist symbiotically within that Universe, and that is our purpose.

Right now, we are violating that purpose.