I’m Bored With The Web (and Mobile)

When is someone going to truly amaze everyone by inventing something truly amazing in the technological world?

Bio-tech this, and bio-tech that … almost none of it available to the average, everyday person, but we have “potential” right?  Nope, doesn’t count unless I can use it in an affordable manner.

The Web, yawn, I can surf to find information, look at stuff through a screen of varying sizes, “connect” with people etc… yawn.  I know it’s there now, but yawn.

Mobile, it’s the wave of the future right?  Yawn.  You can advertise and market your business on it, sure, but yawn, I don’t need to see more ads and have more of my data collected so ads can be “customized” for me.

You hold a computer in the palm of your hand … such power, such access, such … yawn.  I’m tired of hearing that trope over and over again.  Access to information doesn’t put food on the table, actual use of that information does, and you can get it about 1000 other ways if you’re resourceful, so yawn again.

Apps for that?  Every single one of these that comes out, yawn.  Apps provide a shortcut, yeah, I get it.  Show me how you change the world with that shortcut.  Because whatever your app does, I can still do, and the “time savings” are negligible in the big picture (the world-changing stuff).

There is so much talent out there, so much intelligence, so many things we can do RIGHT NOW (not the “carrot on the stick stuff” like AI, blah blah blah).  What can we do right now, instead of 30 years from now?

I want to be amazed, but I’m bored.  I’m tired of the thin veneer of gloss that comes with “In the future, we will eventually / we can / we might be able to do this amazing whiz bang thing!”

I’m tired of the carnival show, let’s get to work on being amazing, right now.  Let’s quit it with the trinkets, the gadgets, the bigger screens, the upgrades, the latest models, the tired tropes and let’s do what we’re capable of.

I know that me being bored won’t change one thing, and I’m also not one of the computer science (or bio-science, etc…) geniuses.  I’m not the right person to do these next “now-things” whatever they are.  I’m just an observer.

And I’m bored as hell with all the shiny presentations, conferences, and “what we ‘can’ do” stuff.

I want the “this is the world-changing shit the average person can do right now!” stuff.