The Exponential Contract

We’ve all signed a contract, and may not have known it.

It’s called the exponential contract.

What is it?

Ray Kurzweil, who is a great inventor and thinker by most standards, presents a concept known as “The Law of Accelerating Returns.”  Click the link to read more about it, but in almost every speech or interview I’ve read or listened to with Ray, he refers to how we think.

We typically think in a linear fashion, and he asks us to think exponentially.

He applies this exponential thinking to a variety of topics, but the most popular is information technology price performance.  This has increased in an exponential fashion since he started tracking it.

I won’t bog this simple post down with details, again, click here to read more about it (for starters, listen to his TED Talks as well).

We are all signed up to this exponential contract because for it to execute the way Ray predicts requires money and us.  Each and every one of us.

It’s an economic principle, this Law of Accelerating Returns, so if money is shifted, the principle result will shift.  We have to “buy in” to all of this “progress” towards Ray’s singularity in order for his predictions to hold true (click the links to read about the singularity).

If we don’t buy into it (support it with money), the economic trend cannot come true, short of fraud or manipulation of the economic system.

Then, we remove our signature from the Exponential Contract.

Until then, we’re all signed on, and we will all be held to it (with all the positive and negative consequences that come with it).  I say, screw that, don’t allow someone’s rather “religious” overtones dictate how you get to move through your life.

Understand this though, if you adhere to this contract, the “deliverables” may never manifest themselves anyhow … exponentially or otherwise.