I’ve Changed My Mind

There seems to be a problem in our culture with changing your mind.

If you think a certain way, you must think that way until the day you die … or else you will be caught and crucified on the Internet at the appropriate time.  Using “evidence” found on the Internet, no doubt.

(NOTE:  Not all “evidence” found on the Internet is bad, but I could change my mind on that based on context etc…)

What I used to think years ago has developed over the years, I used to be “conservative” for example, in terms of politics, but now I do not side with any political banner.  I’m MyPartisan.

I used to upgrade my gadgets, buy stuff, work at a job, store stuff, buy more stuff, think the United States was the best country in the world, and on … and on…

Everything listed above, based on various reasons, I’ve changed my mind 180 degrees on.

The person you were isn’t always the person you will become.  I would add to that, the person you were is the person you shouldn’t become, with rare exceptions.

Hopefully I will change my mind on the “rare exceptions” part of that thought.

Recently, I had written about our civilization as though we were all at fault for its problems.

I’ve changed my mind, somewhat, we each participate in the same broken machine, so to expect each of us to be responsible for the machine as a whole is ridiculous.

But those institutions, and the people that lead those institutions which could act as a leverage point to “fix the machine” in bigger chunks … they do bear some responsibility.

Back to changing your mind, though, if you don’t … and frequently, you cannot possibly be human.  I’m not suggesting changing your mind on every topic of course.  But if you do change your mind, don’t be ashamed of it.

If you are crucified or found to have changed your mind later in life, and people have an issue with it, let it be their issue.

Don’t make “being more human” an issue of yours.