Another Mormon deconverts, and we learn about the Church’s stand on evolution

Why Evolution Is True

A reader who doesn’t want to be identified wrote in with some information about how Mormons regard evolution (hint: not favorably). I’ll start with his/her “deconversion” story, which is short but emphasizes again the effectiveness of critiques of religion and paeans to reason on drawing people away from superstition.

I was raised a Mormon, but became an apostate at 17 and became an agnostic with religious yearnings until reading Harris, Dawkins and Pinker.  Your WEIT book has been the best reference for discussions I’ve had with both Mormon and God believing ex-Mormons who reject evolution.  The points you have made in the book makes their mental gears turn.
And now information about evolution (LDS stands for “Latter Day Saints,” part of the Church’s official name):

I thought you might be interested in an article published by the LDS Church’s newspaper:

The LDS Church has been saying there is no conflict between science…

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