On Life Extension And “Ending Aging”

The SENS organization is dedicated to extension of our natural life.  Reversing the effects of aging, if you will.

You will likely not see these results in your lifetime, unless you are extremely wealthy.  Why?

Because, assuming we do discover the “secrets” to reversing aging, the initial solutions will NOT be available to the common person.  They will be reserved for the wealthy elite who can afford these lucrative solutions.

Do not put yourself under the illusion you will be able to live until 150 anytime within the next century, unless you are wealthy, or have access to tremendous wealth.

But even the wealthy will have issues with the first of these solutions, the “beta” versions of reversal of aging.  All of the bugs could not possibly be worked out in the very first versions of whatever processes, solutions, magic pills, etc…

So, initially, some wealthy people are going to die trying to extend their life.  Then, once the bugs get worked out (at least most of the way), there will be a serious class divide on a scale we’ve never seen.  If the major trajectories of “reversal of aging” and “rise of the robots” converge … watch out.

Because some people who have some weird views on what humans should and should not survive will begin to operate under the “absolute power corrupts absolutely” doctrine.

Enjoy your life, all of it, every minute … now.  The future won’t be that exciting anyhow.*

* Assuming we don’t go extinct as a species by other means of our own destruction first (endless war, changing climate, hatred, racism, etc…)