Amerika 2056 – The Awakening

Bill awoke with a blinding headache, and blurred vision.

As he looked around what he thought was his house, it just seemed … different.  All of it, seemed different. Then there was a loud explosion.

Bill ran to his front door, and all of the muscles in his body tightened.  He could not explain to himself what he saw.

After struggling to pull together what he could of the mental images he remembered about his former neighborhood … Bill couldn’t draw a deep breath, and fell at his front door.  He feinted.

Bill awoke, an hour later, and he was on the couch in his living room.  A female figure loomed over his head as his vision started to return…

My name is Jareen.  Are you okay?

Yeah, I think so, I’m Bill. 

I was fighting back there, and came across your front door, Bill.  I thought you were dead.  You’re lucky I found you.

Fighting?  Bill thought silently to himself … then he sat up and turned to Jareen…

What the hell happened to the neighborhood?

What do you mean, Bill?

Outside, what’s with all of the destruction, the damage … it looks like World War Three out there!  Right outside my fucking front door!

World War Three?  Is that some sort of sick joke, man?  It’s World War FOUR!  Has been for at least a decade.

After collecting himself, Bill looked out the window and could hear the sound of machine guns way off in the distance.

Jareen right?  What year is this?