Amerika 2056 – The Awakening II

Continued from here…

2056?!?!  You’re fucking with my head!  Is this some sort of sick joke?

No, Bill, it isn’t a joke … I’m not messing with you … what year did you think it was?


Oh shit, Bill, I have something to tell you, but we can’t talk here, they’re probably recording every word of this conversation … and will probably be here in about 3 minutes now that you said “The Year.”  You absolutely, if you want to live, MUST come with me, RIGHT NOW!

Based on how it looks right outside my fucking door, and because just a few minutes ago I thought I was teaching class at the college, and because you’re telling me it’s 2056 when there is no fucking way that’s possible … I just don’t have the strength to tell you “No.”  Let’s get out of here.

Yep, let’s go … eventually, Bill, you’ll look back on this decision, and understand everything.  But right now they’re coming … my cerebral implant says we have about 2 minutes and counting before they are here, and about 10 minutes before they bring more of the heavy artillery.

CEREBRAL IMPLANT?!?!  What the he…… (Bill falls forward off the couch and hits the floor, feinting again)

Mother Ship … this is Jareen, authorization code 2419 – x – 2015, and I need an emergency transport for me, plus one, and hurry, it’s subject X…

“Roger that 2419, emergency transport will commence in 3 … 2 … 1 … prepare for molecular separation…”

See you at The Hive, Mother Ship, it’s finally beginning…