“Squid Ink”

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http://allthejuices.com/juice/squid-ink#!prettyPhotoA common piece of advice that I’ve heard with the release of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance is that in order to get people to accept the findings of HBD, you can’t be too honest and direct with the reality of the situation. That is, you can’t tell the full scope of the truth of what we know. Rather, you need to insert a bit of “squid ink” into the water to blur your actual claims. You need to say things that are somewhat untrue but might be a bit more palatable to apprehensive audiences. One example is Wade’s stress that the understanding of inherited differences between people and the effects of these on national outcomes is largely “speculative.” Another is the common behavioral genetics trope that the sources of human differences are “nature AND nurture,” being a 50-50 mix of each. Robert Plomin’s constant stress of the likelihood that…

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