A Black Day in Paris

Techno Occulture

paris…………..– for the fallen dead and living

How does one respond to violence?
What answer in this bitterness, this defeat?
Why? Why this hatred against order,
such rage of young men – unthinking,
followers of a spite and hate?
Victims of another order of doubt?

Dark the ways of such extreme men as these.

………………………And, what of these,
fallen ones, these children –
fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters,
sons, daughters: victims of such savagery?

One wants to answer this not with violence
but with something else, something full of light
rather than this dark habitation of cruelty;
yet, what can be said, how give voice to pain,
mourn the dead – stand against this infamy?

To blame is to fall back into that rational universe.
Haven’t we guessed yet that this is not about that?

Security? Can there be such a thing in this life?
Haven’t we already…

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