Did You Know You Make Your Own Health Problems With Choices?


When you make a decision to eat a brownie instead of an apple you made a poor choice and a health problem.

When you make a choice based on feeling left out, not being part of the crowd, or just the feeling of being deprived, missing out, you cause your ow health issues and still don’t want to take responsibility.

Now when you pick fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, exercise, and plenty of water, you’re making better health choices and a bigger possibility of lower medical expenses and less illnesses. Doesn’t that sound better. When you choose processed packaged foods, bakery goods, and sitting and not moving you’re choosing medical problems and expenses and long-term medical problems. Not all problems show up immediately, so you might not have these expenses today, tomorrow next year, but how about when you’re retired.

Think beyond the end of the nose. Stop the bad…

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