The New Republic circling the drain

Why Evolution Is True

Once again I’m saddened today, this time to learn that The New Republic, a magazine that I’ve long written for in both print and online, is being sold by owner Chris Hughes. Hughes bought it four years ago using money he acquired as founder of Facebook. But after a while it became clear that Hughes was intent in turning the magazine into a PuffHo kind of clickbait e-forum, and the paper edition started coming out less often. With it went the magazine’s reputation as a venue for serious writing about literature, politics, and culture—something that’s hard to maintain online. And online traffic plummeted. About a year ago, editors Frank Foer and Leon Wieseltier (long my own editor in the print version) resigned, along with many others.

According to PuffHo, Hughes still has role models for the new New Republic:

However, Hughes said that he “underestimated the difficulty of…

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