A grim letter from a Wise Sloth fan

The Wise Sloth

I get a lot of E-mails from readers saying that they share a lot of my views and feel relieved to hear someone else express what they were thinking, because they were starting to feel alone and crazy. I enjoy getting letters like that, because sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills too. So the relief of meeting a like-minded person is mutual.


I recently received an E-mail from a reader, who I’ve been corresponding with for a while. He wrote an eloquent rant that summed up many of the feelings that I’ve been having and questions I’ve been asking. It resonated enough that I asked the author if I could post their words on my blog, and they agreed.

You don’t have to agree with any of the author’s opinions or conclusions, but you can probably sympathize with the frustration and exhaustion that drove the author to pen their rant.


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