Did You Know We are Sicker Than We’ve Ever Been?


Did you know that we are sicker than we’ve ever been?

As I have said before I do read a lot to get information and teach myself about choices I’ve made and changed.

I read about people in tribes in the Amazon and the outback in Australia, where they are still hunter gathers. They had doctors go visit and check their health as compared to us who live in cities. They found no dental problems, no heart disease, no arthritis, osteoporosis, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. I could list more, but you get the point. These people do not go to doctors, dentist, or physical therapy and are very healthy. They are healthy because they still live off the land and not in abundance of anything.

We have changed how we lived before to now and messed it up. Now to fix it will take years. We have to completely change our…

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