Being Cactus

Peace With My Life

Even with all that armor, cacti can be beautiful. Even with all that armor, cacti can be beautiful.

Speaking truly from the heart can be frightening. What if the listener doesn’t understand? What if he/she doesn’t feel the depth or breadth of what we are trying to say? What if the listener is uninterested, and you feel like you’re casting pearls before swine? What if the listener scoffs at something that is so heartfelt for you and ridicules your feelings? What if you are so psychologically armored that you can’t find your heart, living strictly in your head? When that happens, there is little ability to speak from the heart.

More beauty among thorns. More beauty among thorns.

I have often been too far in my head to be able to find my heart. It was so much safer in my head, where I didn’t need to worry that my feelings would be laughed at or I would be ashamed. I spent many…

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