Secrets about global warming that you must not know, least they ruin the narrative

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Summary:  The climate refuses to continue warming and much of the US public refuses to believe forecasts of climate catastrophe. As a result the tone of the propaganda becomes increasingly hysterical, the disdain for science increasingly obvious. Here we contrast current agitprop with actual words of climate scientists. Read for yourself and decide.

"Earth On Fire" by Phil Plait “Earth On Fire” by Phil Plait


  1. An example of hiding the science
  2. The UK met office says the decline might continue
  3. James Hansen sees the pause
  4. Some vital things to remember about global warming!
  5. For More Information


(1)  An example of hiding the science

Debunking the Denial: ’16 Years of No Global Warming’”, Phil Plait (bio here), Slate, January 2013 — Opening:

The difficulties in debunking blatant antireality are legion. You can make up any old nonsense and state it in a few seconds, but it takes much longer to show…

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