The Perfect Shit Storm

Loki's Revenge

The former Greek finance  minister tells us that saying Hillary Clinton is to the left of Donald Trump is like saying Attila The Hun is to the left of Ghengis Khan. It makes no sense. He also says that someone who publicly chortles over the death of an enemy is completely dangerous. Just as Hillary laughed over Kaddafi’s murder in Libya.

We are going to elect the most dangerous leaders in human history at the same time we face endless war, world drought, thirst and hunger, as well as unstoppable, irreversible, runaway climate heating and mass extinction.

50 million people face famine and the worst drought in 50 years in Africa.

100 million people face the worst drought in the Middle East and Europe in 900 years.

66% of humanity goes without water at some point every year.

In 15 years, 40% of humanity will not have enough water to live.

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