Americans need to learn the difference between socialism, communism and capitalism

The Wise Sloth

In 2008 I worked with an African American who told me he despised Barack Obama and wouldn’t vote for him, which surprised me because, at the time, it was so socially unacceptable for a black man to dislike Obama that the TV series “Boondocks” based an entire episode on it.

So I asked my coworker why he didn’t like Obama, and he blurted out, “First of all, he’s a socialist!” I didn’t press him for anymore explanation, because that statement alone told me he didn’t understand what socialism is or how American politics works. In 2010 many conservatives were screaming that Obamacare is proof Obama is a socialist, which confirms they don’t understand what socialism is.

Even though Obama has proven he’s not a socialist, conservatives are still calling him one. As much as they hate Obama, they’re even more disgusted by the 2016 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders

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