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Object-Oriented Philosophy

Though I thought everyone knew this, ZSDP calls my attention to the FOLLOWING MISTAKE IN A BLOG COMMENTS SECTION:

“One person who is often associated with OOP is Ray Brassier.”

No, Brassier has nothing do with OOP. He isn’t even remotely sympathetic to it.

OOP and Speculative Realism are not synonyms. Speculative Realism was at first a “rigid designator” pointing to the four people (who do have a few things in common) who happened to be part of the first Goldsmiths workshop of that name. I suppose now the term is loosening up a bit in the blogosophere, and refers to just about anyone who follows certain recent trends in what used to be called continental philosophy.

“Object-Oriented Philosophy,” as far as I know, was first used by me as the title of a 1999 lecture near London. (It will be included in my forthcoming collection Towards Speculative…

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