In light of some recent discussion over at New Apps, I bring you Clark Glymour’s manifesto …

Choice & Inference

Recent posts like this and like this over at the excellent New Apps blog have generated some intense discussion and have prompted Clark Glymour to write the statement that follows. Clark asked me to post the statement on Choice and Inference, and I’m happy to do so because I think Clark keeps it real.

[Note: I went to Carnegie Mellon and believe that it is a really fantastic, cutting-edge place.].

[Update: The previous version attributed a remark of Dick Rorty’s to Brian Leiter. The corrected version follows below. See [1] as well as the corresponding note at the end of this version.]

%%%%% begin Clark’s statement %%%%%

I am sometimes credited with the remark, due to Nelson Goodman, that “there are two kinds of people in the world: the logical positivists and the god-damned English professors.” While it’s a cute summary, I don’t agree. Departments of English provide sinecures for…

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