50 Shades Of Solar Power

Couldn’t have been better said.

Loki's Revenge

You would be forgiven if your adult children thought solar panels were made by elves in Silicon Valley and that we’re just so gosh-darn fucking good at making them cheap that we should thank Adam Smith’s invisible hand job. Creepy!

Solar panels are cheap. How cheap? They’re so cheap that I’ve even seen them on street corners offering to light up my life for $20.  I’ll leave out what wind turbines say, just for the sake of decency. So let’s crack that whip! My  safety word is, “Don’t Stop!”

When reading about why solar panels are so cheap, you may have come across the phrase “economies of scale” which is a Greek way of saying that a con is tipping the scale. and that scale is tipping towards Asia, not here.

The real reason solar panels are so cheap is that Asia manufactures about 75% of all the solar…

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