How To Lose Friends And Interrupt People

Loki's Revenge

There are stories being written and spread that are so full of bullshit, that they could only come out on St. Patrick’s Day. Basically, the story goes like this, “Energy emissions went down 2 years in a row while the world economy grew at a steady 3%, therefore, we have decoupled* economic growth from emissions”. This is supposed to mean that we can have both lower emissions and economic growth. We can have our cake and eat it too. It’s The End of Historyagain, a new ecological nirvana. Or, as Oprahwould keep saying, “You get a unicorn! And you get a unicorn! Everybody gets a unicorn!”

Never mind that the actual measured amount of CO2 in the air has jumped an astonishing, never-before-recorded +3% this year! Never mind that February’s temperatures scared the fuck out of climate scientists so bad that you will no doubt hear the words, planetary…

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