The Return of Dostoyevsky?



The Return of Dostoyevsky?

“I have my own view of reality in art and what in the view of most people verges on the fantastic and the exceptional is sometimes the very essence of the real for me. Everyday trivia and the conventional view of them do not, in my opinion, amount to realism, but the very opposite. In every newspaper you find reports of facts which are at the same time totally real and yet quite extraordinary.  To our writers they seem fantastic and they do not take them into account; and yet they are reality, because they art facts  . .. But is my fantastic Idiot not reality; reality, moreover, of the most everyday kind? Such characters must exist at this very moment in those strata of society which have become divorced from the soil – social strata which are in reality becoming fantastic.”

– Fydor Dostoyevsky, Notebooks…

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