Leading climate scientist Cess admits mathematical errors in the AGW theory

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Kyoji Kimoto

Dr. Robert D. Cess led the following Intercomparison Projects of GCMs for the IPCC

Assessment Reports.

  • 1989: Interpretation of Cloud-Climate Feedback as Produced by 14 Atmospheric General Circulation Models.
  • 1990: Intercomparison and Interpretation of Climate Feedback Processes in 19 Atmospheric General Circulation Models.
  • 1991: Interpretation of Snow-Climate Feedback as Produced by 17 General Circulation Models.
  • 1993: Uncertainties in Carbon Dioxide Radiative Forcing in 15 Atmospheric General Circulation Models.
  • 1996: Cloud feedback in 19 atmospheric general circulation models: An update.

His profile is here.


Soden & Held [1] shows climate sensitivity is 3K for 2xCO2 from the 14 GCM studies for the IPCC 4th Assessment Report (2007) as follows:

Climate sensitivity = no-feedback sensitivity (Planck response) x feedbacks

= 1.2K x 2.5 = 3K

Here, feedbacks are water vapor, ice albedo, lapse rate and cloud feedback.

In the AGW theory of the IPCC…

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