Kantian Reflections on Science, Metaphysics, and the Future of Time: Situating Kant’s Spatio-Temporal Modalities of Being and Thought in Contemporary Philosophy and Neuroscience

Excellent Kantian look at metaphysics and neurology.



For a long time the question of “how can we become creative without becoming self-destructive?” has been one of the major concerns of my studies. The relation of time to death has been the driving subject-matter in the way of answering this question. Time exists because we humans are mortals, but our mortality is not necessarily a barrier to our access to the idea of infinitude. The objective and the subjective, or the ontological and the ontic dimensions of time, that is, the time of infinity and the time of finitude, can be overlapped in such a way as to configure a truth procedure and initiate a process of situating eternity in time. It is here that I would like to make a contribution to the current research on time, metaphysics, art, and science within a Kantian framework.

Inferential Rationality

Kant’s initial project was to explicate the difference…

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