Alfred North Whitehead: The Philosophy of Organism


“The fundamental questions that Whitehead and Deleuze ask, and seek to answer with their transcendental arguments about eternal objects and the virtual, are these: How is it that there is always something new? How are novelty and change possible? How can we account for a future that is different from, and not merely predetermined by, the past? And behind all these is the question with which I began: “What is an Event?””    – Steven Shaviro, Without Criteria: Kant, Whitehead, Deleuze, and Aesthetics

At the heart of Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy is his conceptions of freedom and creativity. He liked to affirm that his was a “philosophy of organism”, his emphasis on systematic unity, on final causation, and the reality of the idea can all be attributed to his involvement in the tradition of German speculative idealism.The four notions that underpin his ontology are actual entities, prehension, nexus, and the ontological principle. …

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