The Fear of Missing Out…


Did you know we created our own fear of missing out on junk food?

Yes, we actually have conditioned ourselves that if we don’t have birthday cake and ice cream at a birthday party, pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and Christmas cookies and other goodies we’re missing out. Really?

I have recently realized that I don’t miss cookies, ice cream, pie, cake, and most candy, since I haven’t had it for two years. I,  also look at it like fat, sugar, and very unhealthy.

Since I have a gluten problem that can act up at anytime something isn’t cleaned up, or  is cross contaminated this makes it easier for me to avoid junk and I don’t feel like I am missing out. So as recently as the past few days I made french fries in canola oil, because i wanted french fries with hamburgers. Big mistake! I was very sick from…

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