Donald Trump and the Failure of 20th Century Progressive Culture

With Trump we have invited the chaos that 20 – 50 years from now brings a real-life version of the “Escape from New York / Escape from L.A.” movies.

The underpinnings for all of this have been playing out for some time before 2016, to be sure … but he (Trump) represents a beginning of “un-fixable” political chaos.*

Our country and our political system are about to be branded “Trump” in a fit of unbridled “hyper capitalism” that will look and feel similar to Japan at first … then collapse into something totally unique to human history after that.

The years of 2017 – 2060 will be remembered for quite some time in human history (not just American history). Here comes Team USA™.

* I hope I’m completely wrong on all points.

Three Pound Brain


In the middle of an economic expansion, America has elected a bigot and a misogynist as their president. Why pretend otherwise? Unity? Tell me, how does one unify behind a bigot and a misogynist? Millions of white Americans have poured the world’s future into a cracked bowl, and now we all hold our breath and wonder what comes next, while the wonks scramble looking for excuses for what went wrong. Everyone is certain to blame the economics of deindustrialization, but the polling data suggests that Trump supporters are actually more affluent than Clinton supporters. This suggests the issue is actually more cultural than economic—which is a sobering thought. Even if economics had been the primary driving factor, Donald Trump would represent an almost unimaginable failure of progressive culture.

Since this is a failure I have been ranting about for a long time, I’m going to be really pious…

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