Good news: Treatment may become available for terrified climate activists

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO comes this study that made me think that this study might very well apply to some well known climate activists, such as Bill McKibben and his followers. Here’s the issue:

Uncertain threat is unpredictable in its timing, intensity, frequency or duration and elicits a generalized feeling of apprehension and hypervigilance.

The fear of climate change is exactly that; uncertain, sometime in the future, unpredictable and based on what we’ve seen, it causes “apprehension and hypervigilance” in people that can’t quantify the reality of the actual, probable threat, but rather live in fear of worst case scenarios that are constantly being vocalized by other activists. The uncertainty and open-endedness of it all lends to bigger and bigger threat pronouncements, which then cause more anxiety. It is a vicious cycle with many who see climate change as the biggest problem in the world. It breeds the…

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