BOOK REVIEW: “Polar Bear Facts and Myths – A Science Summary for All Ages” by Susan Crockford

Watts Up With That?

Book Review by Kip Hansen

fm_small_medSusan Crockford, the “Bones”1 of the zoology world, is a partner in Pacific Identifications, Inc., whose homepage proudly declares “We identify animal bones”.   She is a world-renowned expert in the identification and analysis of animal bone recovered from archaeological sites and animal digestive tracts, among other things. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia and has given public lectures about evolution for 20 years.   She has been particularly interested in vertebrate evolution, especially of dogs, polar bears, and humans and is the author of “Rhythms of Life: Thyroid Hormone & the Origin of Species”, in which she unravels the conundrum of how brown bears transformed into polar bears, and a nature-action thriller, the novel “Eaten”.

One of her two newest books2 is “Polar Bear Facts and Myths – A Science Summary for All Ages”. …

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