Dr. Judith Curry chooses integrity over the state of climate science

Watts Up With That?

judith-curryYesterday, I was saddened to learn that Dr. Judith Curry had resigned her position at Georgia Tech. At the same time, I was impressed by her reasoning, and with her candor. I’m certain that she’ll still make some wonderful contributions in her new role. I thought this part of her post was very germane:

Once you detach from the academic mindset, publishing on the internet makes much more sense, and the peer review you can get on a technical blog is much more extensive. But peer review is not really the point; provoking people to think in new ways about something is really the point. In other words, science as process, rather than a collection of decreed ‘truths.’

I left this comment on her blog:

Dear Judith,

It is my wish that you find satisfaction, happiness, and effect as you travel down the new road. You’ve previously made a detour in…

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