Reading past the Headline

An Average American Woman

One issue receiving precious little attention in our presidential election coverage is:  Law and Order.  People need law and order. We need to know, if someone harms us in some way they will be held accountable by law.  Our American Constitution, and therefore our society is based upon one simple statement: No matter who you are, you’re held accountable to the law.  Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American have seen this change in the last few decades. Politicians, police departments, some federal Operations and even Overseas Operations, all becoming increasingly obvious with questionable and criminal intent.  With a growing amount of both concern and dismay, we have been watching the lawlessness invade our lives.

What about the rule of law in our country?

I’m not an attorney, but I have been both plaintiff and defendant at different times in my life, and rarely have I ever seen justice. Humbly, I…

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