Trump writes an obviously good Executive Order. The Left attacks it.

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Summary: Trump’s flood of executive orders have been an assortment of far-right ideas, mostly written in haste (and hence poorly researched and carelessly written). The Left has vehemently opposed them all, even some that are obviously good ideas. It’s vital for the 1% that we not unite on anything, even something small. Such as pruning the weeds from the vast garden of government regulations.

Woman Climbing a Pile of Paperwork

The body of Federal laws and regulations has been growing for two centuries. Neither Congress nor Federal agencies have any incentive to cancel those that have become outdated, or are proven ineffective. The pile of laws, unknowable to the average citizen, selectively enforced by government officials and the 1%’s well-paid attorneys, has become a threat to our democracy.

How many regulations are there?

The usual way to count new pages in the Federal Register, begun in 1935. See this graph of their annual page count

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