When the Sleepers Awaken

Techno Occulture

When all the complicated calculations prove false, when the philosophers themselves have nothing more to tell us, we may be forgiven for turning to the meaningless twitter of the birds or to the distant counterweight of the stars.

—Marguerite Yourcenar Memoirs of Hadrian

I have other things to say, but shall not detain you much.
 Never go out in a boat with an author—they cannot tell when they are over water.

—John Ashberry, Sleepers Awake

Most of us drift through life aimlessly, disturbed at best by the physical or mental anguish and pain of work, family disputes, squabbles with friends or bosses –  or the general misgivings we have about the economy, politics, looming war, rampant disease, social unrest, and other disturbances that seem to pervade our global nightmare. We just wish to get on with our lives rather than all these seemingly insurmountable problems that continue to accumulate, mount up…

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