Problems With Our Society and Why We’re Over Stressed…


We have decided in the ’80’s that we needed bigger houses, more stuff, two income families, and convenient food.

So in today’s society, because we chose more over less, we created our own stress.

Imagine for a moment about no mortgage, no over abundance of stuff, and no convenient food. Then we wouldn’t need two income families to keep up with neighbors or to feel like we are better than anybody. Stress goes away or lessens tremendously, our decisions aren’t so overwhelming that we make rash, illogical decisions, or even maybe a whole lot less medical issues.

For some reason people can’t see the wool that’s been pulled over our eyes by other people who have more resources than the average person.

I am writing this, because recently I have slowed down myself and started taking stock in what I have and I have more than someone living on the street…

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