When real life emulates dystopia…it isn’t a good sign…


“If people are not aware of the direction in which they are going, they will awaken when it is too late and when their fate has been irrevocably sealed. Unfortunately, the vast majority are not aware of where they are going.” – Erich Fromm

1) Science fiction enlarges peoples’ vocabularies. It is not simply that sci-fi is a storehouse of neologisms, but that the genre provides people with a set of tools to talk about the present, the future, and the future towards which the present seems to be advancing. This can be clearly seen whenever a scientific advance is heralded as being worthy of science fiction, when a new new technology is directly compared to a device in a particular book/movie/show, and when a headline or individual boasts “this isn’t science fiction, this is real!”

Of course, this only serves to raise a further set of questions. After all…

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