Over the top: the sad case of Tripp Funderburk & the Coral Restoration Foundation International

Watts Up With That?

Trip Funderburk – from his public Facebook page

Sometimes, people just go “over the top”. That’s a nice way of putting what happened to Tripp Funderburk when he got too wrapped up in blind disagreement over a story we recently carried at WUWT by Jim Steele:


Note the picture shows exposed coral, and some of the coral has bleached. Seems a no-brainer to me and many other people that coral can’t survive without being submerged, and as Jim Steele argues in his essay:

…Indonesian biologists had reportedthat a drop in sea level had bleached the upper 15 cm of the reefs before temperatures had reached NOAA’ Coral Reef Watch’s bleaching thresholds. As discussed by Ampou 2017, the drop in sea level had likely been experienced throughout much of the Coral Triangle including the northern Great Barrier Reef (GBR), and then accelerated during the El Niño. They speculated…

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