Bataille’s Revenge

Techno Occulture

In truth, Bataille seems to me far less an intellectual predicament than a sexual and religious one, transecting the lethargic suicide upon which we are all embarked. To accept his writings is an impossibility, to resist them an irrelevance. One is excited abnormally, appalled, but without refuge. Nausea perhaps?

—Nick Land, A Thirst for Annihilation

Bataille’s “devil’s share” was still part of the ultimate romanticism of political economy. Now it’s something else.

—Jean Baudrillard, Forget Foucault

Shall we once again wander down there? Haven’t we already been down that path before, but then again don’t all paths lead down? The ocean receives the tears of the earth, the sky, the stars? Are we not children of the sun? Haven’t we seen the returns of so many cycles, so many nights and days, the slow progression that never moves forward but always seems to return to the same place: the place…

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