The cold facts about the Paris Agreement, global warming, & the Constitution

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Summary: Trump revoked the Paris Agreement. This sent the Left into hysterics. Are their fears justified? How will this affect the climate? Was the Agreement invalid because it lacked Senate ratification? Here are the answers (in brief, with links to more information). It’s not complex. It’s just a matter of what journalists conceal.

Climate Change Choices

A defining characteristic of our time, and one of our greatest dangers, is that both Left and Right have gone mad (i.e., destabilized, bonkers) — attacking the rest of us and America. Today’s it’s the Left’s turn at bat, as they have hysterics over Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate agreement. For those that wish to see their unscientific fantasies about the consequences, Anthony Watts has collected a choice sample.

More useful, but less entertaining, is this analysis in Nature Climate Change by Luke Kemp (lecturer in climate and environmental policy at Australian National…

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