The climate crew: alienating allies and fighting the wrong fights

A Chemist in Langley

As readers of this blog know, I am a pragmatic environmentalist. I believe in the dangers of climate change and unlike most of my critics, I live a low-carbon lifestyle and have actually helped achieve policies that reduced my province’s carbon footprint. From my pragmatic perspective, I can only marvel at the blockheadedness of the activists in the climate change community who seem intent on doing everything they can to set back the implementation of the policies needed to achieve our climate goals. They do this by alienating potential allies, demanding absolute purity of thought from everyone who might be interested in helping to advance the cause and showing a bull-headed unwillingness to compromise on energy technologies needed to achieve our common goal.

I have written previously about this topic in a post the climate crew, alienating potential allies and worshiping false idols where I highlighted the folly of Michael…

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The ignorance, intolerance, and violence of the “Climate Crusaders”

The ignorance, intolerance, and violence of the “Climate Crusaders”

Watts Up With That?

Using junk science marches, ignorant professors, resistance and violence to drive public policy

Guest essay by Paul Driessen

As Mark Twain might say, our students are being taught a lot of facts that just ain’t so – by a lot of academics who know all kinds of things for sure that just ain’t so. The recent science and climate marches underscore both this and the dangers of having such ignorance determine economic and energy policy. Topping my current list of wildly misinformed, malpracticing academics is a University of Michigan history professor who claims plant-fertilizing, life-giving carbon dioxide is more deadly than sarin gas!

Perhaps even more dangerous, this ignorance is compounded by rampant intolerance toward other views, and even violence toward anyone who tries to present contrarian perspectives on climate change, sustainability, personal responsibility and other topics, on college campuses or other public forums. For example, just yesterday, CFACT was…

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An Invitation To Debate “Climate Change”

An Invitation To Debate “Climate Change”

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach (see Update at the end)

I had tweeted the following:

tweet paris climate deal

Various people either liked or retweeted this, including my mad mate and human lightning rod, James Delingpole. This post started because someone named Robin Whitlock tweeted the following:

Delingpole is a knuckledragger, pure and simple. It’s a wonder his brain hasn’t shrivelled by now, or perhaps it has…

To which I replied:

Ah, schoolboy insults. They make you look so sophisticated and wise.

Sadly, Mr. Whitlock declined the opportunity to actually say what was wrong with James Delingpole’s ideas, and instead said;

Okay, Mr Eschenbach, let’s see how much you actually know about it. Debate CC with me if you dare

Now, I’m always happy to debate climate change, but not in 140-character chunks. So I said:

I’m happy to debate, although I don’t see how I can do so on Twitter. My blog is…

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Cataclysm, by Robert Gore


Collapse generally comes as a surprise, even to those who predict it.

The USSR didn’t just fail one day, as does a person who dies of a sudden heart attack or stroke. It was more like a wasting illness brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. A physician tells a morbidly obese patient: “Your daily consumption of twelve cocktails, three packs of cigarettes, and 4,000 calories, and your refusal to engage in exercise more strenuous than walking to the refrigerator will kill you, but I can’t say when.” For both individuals and governments, certain choices are incompatible with continued existence, and the Soviet government made plenty of those.

Very few people foresaw its failure when it was imminent, even purported experts. The small group who said Soviet communism wouldn’t work because it couldn’t work were disparaged right up until it didn’t work. However, the deck is always stacked in favor of…

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In an attempt to discredit Judith Curry, Gavin at RealClimate shows how bad climate models really are

In an attempt to discredit Judith Curry, Gavin at RealClimate shows how bad climate models really are

Watts Up With That?

From the “whoopsie, that’s not what I meant” department

Guest essay by Thomas Wiita

A recent poster here wrote that they had stopped looking at the Real Climate web site, and good for them. It has become a sad, inwardly focused group. It’s hard to see anyone in the Trump Administration thinking they’re getting value for money from their support of that site.

I still check in there occasionally and just now I found something too good not to share with the readers at WUWT.

Gavin has a post up in which he rebuts Judith Curry’s response to comments about her testimony at the Committee hearing. Let me step aside – here’s Gavin:

“Following on from the ‘interesting’ House Science Committee hearing two weeks ago, there was an excellent rebuttal curated by ClimateFeedback of the unsupported and often-times misleading claims from the majority witnesses. In response, Judy Curry has (yet…

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